- Chi Fu Investment Group -

Chi Fu Investment Group is a global investor with substantial international investment and management expertise. Its global operation has covered Asia, North America and Europe since the 1990s.

The range of investments include venture capital investments, real estate development activities and private equity funds investing directly into various industries.

Responsibility is at the heart of Chi Fu Investment Group's investment strategy. By identifying investment opportunities and supporting programs that help solve crucial economic, social and environmental issues, Chi Fu Investment Group aims to adopt innovative solutions to make the world a better place.

The founder and chairman of Chi Fu Investment Group is Mr. Frank Liu, a finance professional, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Liu has over thirty years of experience in the banking, securities and mutual fund industries. He is the founder and was the CEO of Franklin Templeton Securities Investment Consulting (SinoAm) Inc. He also founded Franklin Templeton SinoAm Securities Investment Management Inc. in 2002 and has participated in countless ventures and investment projects since then.